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Different Ways To Cook Your Chicken

We are very big chicken fanatics here in Texas, so we'd like to share with you a few different ways to cook chicken!

1) Coming in hot, we have FRIED CHICKEN. There's nothing better than biting into a delicious, crispy, hot and juicy chicken leg. Don't skip the brine in the process!

2) GRILLED CHICKEN is also a very popular way to eat this tasty food. When grilling, it gives the dish lots of flavor depending on the marinade of your choice.

3) SPATCHCOCKED CHICKEN is one you don't hear everyday! This involves shorter time breaking down a whole chicken. When spatchcooking, it allows the meat to have a crispier and and evenly cooked. To sum this process up, you basically just take the backbone out.

4) Who doesn't love a ROTISSERIE CHICKEN? This just means that the meat is rotated or skewered over a flame. With this, you'll have evenly cooked chicken and rich taste because the slow rotation caramelizes the meat.

5) AIR FRIED CHICKEN has gained a lot of popularity lately because of... air fryers! No oil is required for this technique, but the chicken is still perfectly crispy and you don't need to do much at all! If you're looking for a quick dinner, throw some chicken in an air fryer and call it good!

6) SMOKED CHICKEN gives you a very flavorful dish with a kick. Obviously, you'd want to invest in a smoker for this one, but boy is it worth it! Smoked chicken can be used in tacos, nachos, sandwiches and of course, just by itself. Smother the meat with spices or brine it for outstanding results, meaning taste.

7) Lastly, we have POACHED CHICKEN which allows the protein to cook while not losing moisture. This is definitely a more difficult way to cook meat, it's easy to mess up and have dry chicken. But, when done right, it tastes amazing. It should only take 5-10 minutes to reach the desired temperature. Definitely look up close directions for a tasty result!

There are many ways to cook a chicken, but we gave just a few for you to try! One for every day of the week if we're being real here!

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