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Why A Rodeo Should Be On Your Calendar

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Rodeos go all year round, with millions of people attending. No matter what day you're having, these will cheer you up the moment you step foot into the facility!

Here are some reasons why you should attend a rodeo once, twice, or a hundred times in your life!

1) It seems like everything is so expensive these days, but not rodeos! They are very affordable and worth your while! You will make many great memories with friends and family attending one!

2) There are a variety of events that take place besides bull riding. Barrel racing, youth events, rodeo clowns, petting zoos and mechanical bulls are just a few. You never get bored of what you're experiencing at a rodeo.

3) There's nothing like a jumbo corn dog and deep fried oreos to fill you up. Foods at the rodeo aren't an every-day dish you'd have. Places vary, but common foods you'd see are funnel cakes, corn in a cup, chicken on a stick, fried butter balls, turkey legs, the list goes on! You need to go try it for yourself!

4) Rodeos are great places to go with the family on a Friday night. It's a great way to spend time bonding and having fun. There's always something for everyone to love!

Now that you don't have any excuses, go get those tickets and a cowboy hat!

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